Create Tiny Urls for Free is a free URL Shorten and Redirection Service to Convert long Urls into Short Tiny Urls. The TinyUrls is completely free to use. However, if you Register a Free Account on, you can Manage all your Links and Track Link Clicks and Statistics on your Dashboard and even Delete your Tiny Urls.

Enter a long URL to make tiny

Custom alias (optional):

May contain letters, numbers, and dashes.

How to Use

To create a Short URL, just Enter your Long URL in the Box given above and hit Shrink Url to create a Tiny Url. You can also create a Custom URL using the Custom Alias Feature. For example:

A longer Url like can be converted into a Shorter Url like this: This Short Url is easy to remember and share on Social Media such as Twitter, Instagram, Google plus and Facebook.

Hide your Affiliate Links

Affiliate Marketers normally use Link Redirection Service to hide or cloak their affiliate links. We do offer a complete Tracking Solution and Link Clicks for all your affiliate links, when you create an account with us.

Perfect for Social Media

Longer Urls often look ugly to share on Social Media platforms, therefore a Tiny URL will not only look pretty but also clean to use.

Track your Outbound Links

Have a website or blog and looking for a reliable URL Redirection service? Instead of linking to thousands of websites externally (Outbound links), use to create alternate links to websites and track your Outbound Clicks easily.

Use our Bookmarklet to Create Tiny Urls from your Browser

Dont have time to visit our website or want to create short urls directly from your browser. Use our Free Bookmarklet Tools.

How is Used?

  • For Creating Short Links
  • For QR Code Generator
  • For Reserving Brand Names
  • For Hiding and Cloaking Affiliate links from Amazon, Clickbank, Jvzoo, ShareASale etc.
  • For Tracking Link Clicks
  • For Sharing Website links on Social Media
  • And, blah blah blah...
Our Service is loved and appreciated by millions of people worldwide who rely on us for their link redirections and we aim to Improve every year by year to serve you in best possible way.

Are you a Developer ? Use our Free API

While most platforms limit the amount of Tiny URL you can create from your app, website or service based on day and time. We are the most robust platform to provide an unlimited usage, all for free. Just check our "TinyUrls API" provided with nice documentation to use.

Why is Free

Because We are Crazy ! We have developed this small yet very powerful and robust tool initially for our own personal use. But we want to contribute something to the society so, we made it public for free to use.